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Our Team

At Team360, we are more than just a team – we are a close-knit family, bound by a common purpose: the well-being of our patients. Working together seamlessly, we operate as a well-oiled engine, driven by our commitment to delivering exceptional care. We understand that a supportive and nurturing environment is essential for transformative healthcare experiences. We are grateful to be a part of your road to optimized health. 

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Meet The Team

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Chris Neal, PA-C

Co-Founder, Clinical Director 

Meet Chris Neal, the Clinical Director of Team360. Chris graduated with his Masters Degree in Medicine and has worked in the field for over two decades. With a love for performance-based medicine, Chris is an innovator and pioneer. Fun fact: His passion for medicine grew from a fascination with performance cars. He discovered that the right adjustments can exceed expectations, inspiring him to apply the same principle to the human body. Chris pushes the boundaries of healthcare, empowering individuals to achieve extraordinary vitality. 


Sophia Neal

Director of Orders and Pharmacy Relations

Meet Sophia Neal, the Director of Orders and Pharmacy Relations at Team360 Health and Performance. She ensures smooth medical processing operations and timely delivery of medications to clients. Alongside her husband Chris Neal, they form a dynamic duo handling all patient medical needs. Fun Fact: Sophia's love for meditation and nature fuels her belief in blending Performance medicine with mindfulness for improved physical and mental performance. Her holistic approach reflects her dedication to enhancing patient well-being.

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Jonathan Davis

Co-Founder, Operational Director

Meet Jonathan Davis, Co-Founder and Operational Director of Team360 Health and Performance. Putting the patient experience first, Jonathan has established operational excellence within the company. His partnership with Chris Neal led to the birth of Team360. As the son of a physician turned administrator and hospital CEO, Jonathan believes fully that when care practitioners have some autonomy in the business of health care, the patients win. Fun Fact: Jonathan's love for music taught him the value of organization, enabling him to create efficient structures that harmonize productivity.


Jhoselin Blancas

Receptionist and Shipping Assistant

Meet Jhoselin Blancas, the front of house receptionist at Team360 Health and Performance. With a commitment to providing the best client experience, she serves as the superhero who interacts with patients, handling appointment scheduling and assisting with orders. Jhoselin embodies the Team360 Health attitude, bringing a presence to the practice. As the daughter of Sophia and Chris, she is part of a dedicated family committed to providing exceptional care to patients.

Tucker Green, MD

Medical Director

Christian Hogue

Board President and Partner

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